Mayor of Paris: I am delighted that two thousand gay couples have married here

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The Mayor of Paris has celebrated the 2000th same-sex marriage having taken place in her city, saying she is “delighted”.

A law recognising equal marriage took effect in May, which followed months of sometimes violent protests and a rise in homophobic attacks.

Anne Hildalgo said in a statement: “While the law allowing marriage for all has now been in place for over a year, I am delighted that Parisian society has taken advantage of the change.

“Because this law is a major democratic progress and helps fulfill our Republican motto, everyone must ensure its faithful implementation.

“As Mayor of Paris and my municipal team, we will continue to promote equal rights and fight against homophobia and all forms of discrimination.”

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) in July revealed the number of same-sex marriages which took place in the first three months since the law changed in England and Wales.

1,409 gay and lesbian couples married between 29 March and 30 June, when the first weddings took place after the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act was enacted.