Gay guy told to ‘cover up’ at Disneyland for wearing short shorts

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A gay man is upset he was turned away on a Disneyland ‘Gay Day’ for wearing short shorts – despite women getting through in similar outfits.

Gay Days, in which a large number of gay people flock to Disney theme parks, are growing in popularity – though they are not officially sanctioned by Disney.

However, following this weekend’s event at Disneyland California, one man has complained that he was told to ‘cover up’ at the park for showing off his legs.

Anthony Gilét, the editor of gay blog Cocktails & Cocktalk, made the complaint after trying to attend the event wearing an oversized t-shirt and workout shorts.
Gay guy told to ‘cover up’ at Disneyland for wearing short shorts
However, he was told that his outfit was inappropriate because “it gives the impression that you have nothing on underneath” and Disneyland is a “family park”.

He wrote: “I didn’t want any drama – and certainly didn’t wanna get kicked outta Disney after paying $99 entry – so put on the longer shorts I had in my bag.

“But the more I thought about it, I began to question. What exactly was the issue? Was it the fact that there was so much leg on show?

” Because there were countless girls walking around in booty shorts. How is it any different from a girl in those? Or even a dress? Was she asking women if they had anything on under their short skirts too?”

“Or was it the fact that it looked like a t-shirt with no sign of bottoms? If that was the case, would she have approached a girl wearing just an oversized jersey? Would it have been OK if the jersey had been tucked into the shorts?”

He added: “The fact that she stated it was a “family park” suggests that there was something offensive about the outfit; so are men’s legs different from women’s?

“I was certainly wearing more than Ariel. And where are the ‘family’ morals in statues of princesses that have waists the same width as their neck (no exaggeration). Was my outfit more damaging than the impression than distorted body images leave on children?

“After checking Disney’s dress code it doesn’t mention anything related to what I was wearing or normal days, although under the heading ‘Gay Days’ however, it says no ‘club wear’.”

Mr Gilét continued: “I wonder was it simply an issue of a gender; a boy wearing this is not permitted, but a girl could because it’s more socially acceptable for them to wear a dress.

“I fully understand that my outfit was a bit unusual and apparently not conservative enough for Disney – but I’m struggling to see the issue.

“I wasn’t wearing an offensive slogan, and I had shorts on underneath that weren’t going to expose anything when I sat down. What was the line that had been crossed?”