Gay UKIP MEP blames the EU for his broken toaster

UKIP’s David Coburn has a rather unusual argument for Brexit: his toaster just isn’t working properly.

The leader of the UK Independence Party in Scotland took time out of campaigning ahead of the Scottish elections and EU referendum to rant on Twitter about his disastrous breakfast.

He wrote: “My toaster takes 4 attempts before bread goes brown and can put my Dundee marmalade on many thanks to EU.”

The Member of the European Parliament explained that “it is switched up to maximum” but still won’t toast properly.

Of course, Mr Coburn insists Brussels is to blame, adding: “My old toaster used to toast bread like Torness nuclear reactor until EU messed around…”

When challenged, he linked to coverage of an EU decision from 2014 about energy-efficient household electrical appliances.

A cursory search reveals plenty of high-wattage toasters are still on sale, however, should Mr Coburn need to buy a new one.

Though PinkNews would love to experiment with our own toasters, our investigation was cut short when we were informed they are banned in our office thanks to good old-fashioned British fire regulations.

The openly gay politician is no stranger to outspoken comments, facing calls to resign earlier this year after comparing SNP minister Humza Yousaf to convicted terrorist Abu Hamza.
Gay UKIP MEP blames the EU for his broken toaster
He also previously compared then-SNP leader Alex Salmond to dictator Robert Mugabe.

Despite being gay, the UKIP MEP is a fierce critic of the gay rights movement, regularly claiming that same-sex marriage supporters are “equality Nazis” – and that the Lib Dems and Labour want to ban him from having sex.