This amazing tweet about coming out proves mothers are always right

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Talk about a suspenseful hiatus – a lesbian has possibly proven that mums are always right, but definitely, that suspense works.

In a huge plot twist, a 20-year-old took a four-year break to come out as gay, after denying to her mum that she was a lesbian.

Tweet from Diaz dated 2013

Jareliz Diaz, now 20, back in 2013 tweeted that her mother had asked if she was a lesbian because she had appreciated the female form.

She wrote: “My mom just asked me if I’m a lesbian -.- wtf noooo !!! It’s like I can’t think women are pretty.”

But much to the surprise of her followers, four years later, on 22 April 2017, she added that her mum had been right all along.

She said, simply: “Update: I am a lesbian. She was right.”


Now happily out, although she says she does not like to label herself too much, the Connecticut resident is pleased that her tweet was relatable.

She has since had hundreds of responses and retweets.

One user wrote: “4 years for the punchline… that’s dedication right there.”

Another added: “I love character development”.

Her take on sexual orientation? “You love who you love, for what’s within.”

Tweet from Diaz dated April 22 2017

Diaz has said she hasn’t told her mum about the tweet going viral, but that she’d find it pretty funny.

But most importantly, is this the proof we needed that mothers are always right?

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