Luigi is a trans woman, say Super Mario Bros fans

A piece of art showing Super Mario Bros. character Luigi as a trans woman, with floating tweets

Fans of Super Mario Bros. have leapt on a new revelation from Nintendo to declare Luigi as a trans woman.

In describing the Super Crown bonus item in the Nintendo Switch game New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, the gaming giant told visitors to its website that “when Toadette finds one of these, she can transform into the super-powered Peachette. (Sorry Luigi—only Toadette can use this item!)”

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe's bio for the Super Crown bonus item made many fans think Luigi was trans

Nintendo’s description of the Super Crown item prompted fans to speculate about Luigi’s gender identity (

While this announcement killed off the hope many fans had that the Super Crown—which gives its wearer a woman’s body and stereotypically feminine clothing—could be used to make Bowser into “Bowsette,” Nintendo’s additional detail gave rise to a new theory: Luigi is trans.

There is evidence for the idea that Luigi is trans

Luigi has a history of going by feminine names and dressing in traditionally female clothing, and though neither of these habits necessarily mean that someone is trans, it has been offered as proof that Mario’s sibling might be.

In the animated TV series Super Mario World, Yoshi calls Luigi “mama,” a term which Luigi adopts and wears as a badge of honour, according to Daily Dot.

Luigi also dresses as female characters in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and the Super Mario Adventures comic, and wonders whether they should put on a dress in Luigi’s Mansion, saying: “These look kind of comfortable… No, I’ll stick with my duds!”

Further evidence for this theory is also found in the 2009 Super Mario Chess Game: Nintendo Collector’s Edition, which positions Luigi as one the queens, despite Princess Peach and Princess Daisy also existing in the set, as bishops.

Fans have dubbed Luigi a trans woman

Nintendo’s queer followers were overjoyed at the idea, and made sure that the concept permeated quickly throughout the internet.

They were certain of their conclusions, with one writing that the theory was “canon” and that Luigi “just wants to have the body of a girl, Nintendo.”

“Luigi is a girl and I am here for her”

— @joffeorama

Another enthusiast of the idea tweeted: “Luigi is trans now. You can’t have her back,” while one more said: “Everyone is focusing on Toadette’s exclusivity with the super crown and not Nintendo low-key dropping that Luigi wants to transition.

“Luigi is a girl and I am here for her.”

Fans were willing to go to their grave supporting and spreading their belief that Luigi is a trans woman, with one subscriber to this theory saying: “The amount of trans energy Luigi gives off is INTENSE.”

Another wrote: “I know that it’s probably getting annoying but I will continue posting about the fact that Luigi is canonically trans until the day I f**king die.”

“LET LUIGI BE TRANS YOU COWARDS,” said another supporter.

Others had more insights to share, often by stating that other Super Mario Bros. characters were queer.

One of these gamers said: ” IF LUIGI IS TRANS DAISY IS BI I SPEAK THE TRUTH.”

Another tweeted: “bowser and luigi are both trans women nothing can stop us now.”

And a different fan had some good news for Mario’s much-loved but often secondary sibling.

They wrote: “hey so about Luigi being a trans girl… idk if you’ve noticed but v v v often the girls who looked the absolute dorkiest pre-transition are really, really cute.”