Dwyane Wade says supporting son at Pride is his ‘job as a father’

Dwyane Wade hugs his son Zion

Dwyane Wade was praised for supporting his 11-year-old son attending Pride in April, but the NBA star said it’s just his “job as a father.”

Wade’s son Zion had his family, including stepmother Gabrielle Union, to support him at Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade on April 7. Zion is now 12 years old and has not said publicly how he identifies.

“I don’t really talk about it much because it’s Zion’s story to tell,” Wade told Variety in an interview. “I think as a family, we should support each other. That’s our job. And my job as a father is to facilitate their lives and to support them and be behind them in whatever they want to do.”

Wade could not make it to the parade because he was in Toronto, where the Miami Heat were playing against the Toronto Raptors, but he posted Instagram stories saying “we support each other with Pride!” and “wish i was there to see you smile.”

Twitter users praised Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union for supporting Zion at Miami Pride.

Twitter users praised Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union for supporting Zion at Miami Pride. (KiAirUh/Twitter)

Dwyane Wade said being a parent means being “unselfish”

He received mostly positive comments from fans, and also some backlash, but he said in the interview: “This is my job as a father. I’m very uneasy about accolades that come from supporting my kids or the negativity that comes from it.

“I’m doing what every parent has to do. Once you bring kids into this world, you become unselfish. It’s my job to be their role model, to be their voice in my kids’ lives, to let them know you can conquer the world.

“So, go and be your amazing self and we’re going to sit back and just love you.”

When asked by Variety what his message would be to parents of LGBT+ kids during Pride month, Wade said: “I think people expect you to parent each kids the same. They are all different, and I have to get to know them and where they are.

“I have to say to most parents, get to know your kids. Don’t put your wants and needs on them.”