Charli XCX shows what an ally looks like with inspiring speech about the power of the queer community at Russia gig

Singer Charli XCX. (Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Subjected to abuse, persecution and worse, Charli XCX delivered an inspired speech to the LGBT+ community in Russia during a concert.

The singer, who has a well-documented and intimate relationship with her queer fans, regularly amplifies issues that affect the community.

Whether it be through her, at times, infamous Notes App tweets or speeches during gigs, Charli’s latest example of expert-level allyship was during her stint in Moscow.

In a country that suffocates its queer citizens after lawmakers prohibited the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality, fans rejoiced and wooed at the rare opportunity to embrace their identities.

Charli XCX: ‘I love the LGBTQ+ community so much because they f**king keep my career alive.’

Charli began her powerful speech in front of the packed Izvestia Hall on 28 November by describing how the “majority” of her friends are members of the LGBT+ community, inciting a chorus of cheers from the packed venue.

“Sometimes,” she resumed after the cheering had gone on for more than 20 seconds, “it’s very hard to be a member of that community.

“I’m very grateful for everyone showing love, showing support and coming down to the show.”

She then thanked her fans for coming out in their colourful outfits, which she called “magical”.

“To feel included in the community as an ally is really powerful,” she said.

“I love the LGBTQ+ community so much because they f**king keep my career alive.

She continued: “I’m so lucky to have been able to collaborate with so many incredible artists from the community, too.

“The community means a lot to me, let me just say that.”

Charli then dedicated her performance if ‘Shake It’ to her queer fans and those who support them.

The ‘Gay Prohibition’ in Russia.

In Russia, queer citizens are severely restricted and surveilled.

St Petersburg Pride in Russia

LGBT campaigners in Russia (Photo by OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP/Getty Images)

Russia banned the prohibition of homosexuality in 2013, codifying into law decades of discrimination, persecution and worse that queer people have faced.

Lawmakers at the State Duma, the lower hour of Parliament, voted 388-1 for the bill that silenced the nation.

Furthermore, the legislation has acted as a central plank of president Vladimir Putin’s nationalist campaign across the country.

One of centralising Christian values as the government draws closer to the Russian Orthodox Church.