Florida’s Ron DeSantis expected to launch 2024 presidential bid during Pride Month

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is planning to launch his 2024 presidential campaign purposely to coincide with LGBTQ+ Pride Month, according to reports.

DeSantis, who is well known for working against LGBTQ+ rights, has not yet said whether or not he will run, and when asked yet again over this past weekend, he responding with: “No news yet, so just hang out there.”

However, on Wednesday (17 May), Queer News Tonight reported that trusted sources within the Tampa Bay Republican Party have confirmed DeSantis’ team is planning to confirm his candidacy during Pride Month.

The move is designed to especially appeal to conservative and evangelical voters, the news outlet explained.

However, other reports indicate otherwise. NewsNation and Politico indicate it could happen as early as next week, with top financial backers being invited to an event in Miami between 24 and 26 May.

Politico pointed out that Ron DeSantis can’t legally receive or solicit presidential campaign contributions unless he has formally launched a bid.

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His team confirmed to NewsNation there would be a donors’ briefing but did not comment on any presidential ambitions. The outlet has previously quoted sources as saying an announcement date near Memorial Day (29 May) was being considered.

The New Yorker magazine has also said a late May announcement is widely expected. The magazine referred to a February TV appearance by the governor where he had “two big things” coming up: the Florida legislative session and a tour for his book, The Courage to Be Free.

During his time as governor, hardline right-winger DeSantis introduced Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law, which lawmakers recently voted to expand.

Just days ago, Ron DeSantis also enacted a law giving doctors the right to deny patients care based on religious, moral or ethical reasons or beliefs, with LGBTQ+ activists concerned it could be used to deny care to queer people.

Seven people have already declared their candidacies for the Republican nomination: hot favourite former president Donald Trump, Nikki Hayley, the former governor of South Carolina, Asa Hutchinson, Perry Johnson, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ryan Binkley and Larry Elder.

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