Straight 24-year-old speaks out after engagement to gay, millionaire ‘sugar daddy’

A straight 24 year-old guy has announced that he’s engaged to a wealthy 51 year-old man after ‘going out’ for two years.

The man claims to have no interest in a relationship with a women and that both parties know he’s only in it for the money.

His “sugar daddy” is worth an estimated $11 million.

“I’m a straight 24 year old male who is engaged to a wealthy 51 year old man. I’m in it for the money (and he knows that). I have no interest in a relationship with a woman, so I figure why not. AMA,” he wrote on Reddit.

Effectively telling the internet they can ask him anything about their situation, the man went on to discuss what their spending habits are, his family and friend’s thoughts on the situation – even his sexual preference.

We’ve listed the most interesting questions and answers below – but be warned, one or two are a little NSFW.

Are you guys happy?
I’m pretty happy with where my life is at, yeah. He seems pretty happy too.

How do you define your sexuality?
I consider myself straight. I just don’t make a huge deal out of a dick going into an ass. Cause it’s really not that big of a deal. Not my choice of “fun”, but it’s not like it’s gonna be terrible and going in with that it’s going to feel good physically regardless of if you’re attracted to dudes or chicks or both.

Straight 24-year-old speaks out after engagement to gay, millionaire ‘sugar daddy’

How did you two meet?
He went to the same gym I went to and we had pretty much the same workout schedule so we’d see each other often and he’d very obviously hit on me.

What’s the point of getting married without a romantic connection?
You’d have to ask him I guess, since I’d ask what’s the point of a romantic connection in the first place. I kind of fake one for him, although he knows I’m faking.

What do your parents/family/peers know/make of this situation?
I just told them I was bi. No one I know (at least know well) gives a shit if I’m straight, gay or bi or whatever else so that wasn’t a big deal. The only thing people thought was worth mentioning was the age gap.

Any plans for kids?
Nope, neither of us want kids which was definitely a prerequisite to me agreeing to marry him.

Could you put an estimate on the amount of money he has?
Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 11-12 million.

What are some of the big money items you’ve requested and got?
The most expensive things are a new computer and a new TV, and a sweet massagey recliner.

Straight 24-year-old speaks out after engagement to gay, millionaire ‘sugar daddy’

Do you guys have any emotional connection or is it just money for you and sex for him?
Mostly money for me and “boyfriend/future husband” for him, which includes sex but that’s not all he wants out of it. But after I got to really know him he’s kind of an interesting guy and it’s not really a chore to go out with him.

How do you guys behave in public?
We hold hands and shit. People would likely see us as a couple if they actually watched us for a period of time.

Is having sex with him similar to having sex with a woman whom you aren’t interested in?
I wouldn’t say it’s similar to having sex with a woman, but it’s not really that big of a deal. I can get off during it so that’s alright, but it’s not something I particularly look forward to. He’s pretty much the one that always initiates it and I just go along with it.

Are you the top or bottom?
Usually I bottom but sometimes he wants me to f*ck him.

Do you engage in one night stands with women?
Yeah, I can still hook up with women just so long as I don’t bring any home with me. So either at their place or a hotel or something.