Cher turns the tables on ‘beautiful couple’ who had no idea who she was and fans are obsessed

Cher at the The Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures Opening Gala in 2021

Cher just made one couple’s date night even more special after she turned the spotlight on the “beautiful” pair.

With a career spanning over 50 years, Cher is arguably one of the most recognisable stars on the planet.

However, the singer got to unleash her inner fangirl after bumping into an unsuspecting couple on Tuesday (14 December).

The beloved gay icon had stepped out to watch the new West Side Story remake in the cinema when she stumbled upon a sweet couple out on a date.

Cher was seemingly so taken by the sight of young love that she asked if she could take their picture on her phone.


Sharing the snap on Twitter, Cher wrote: “When we were coming out of movie I saw beautiful Couple.

“He Was taking Her pic….She had flowers I said … can I take your Pic….Had my mask on so they didn’t Know Who I was. MAYBE Just a crazy woman.. THAT ME (sic).”

As fans gushed over the cute couple, the woman in the picture identified herself in one of the replies.

“Omg! That’s me, and it was my birthday! Wow! I can’t believe it!” she tweeted with excitement.

It turns out the unsuspecting duo had been taking pictures outside the venue and didn’t recognise the singer because she was wearing a face covering and was stood at a distance.

“It was dark, and she was fully covered, but we kept thinking this wasn’t an average person,” the woman wrote.

Her partner also shared his excitement, writing: “Wow! So we really did meet CHER! This night will certainly be remembered forever.”


Naturally, Cher’s followers couldn’t get enough as one fan stated: “She has to perform at your wedding now. It must be done!”

Another wrote: “imagine ur with ur partner and CHER comes up and asks to take a picture of u two on her phone and posts it”.

“This is the most adorable thing ever and they are so gorgeous,” another fan commented.

One follower tweeted: “Well, you did a nice thing, they are beautiful. I’m not surprised, though, because we all know what a decent person you are. I pray you will always be blessed because you fight for justice and peace. Merry Christmas to you and yours.”

“This queen is turning the tables and asking to take pics of strangers instead of having strangers take them of her. Oh and she also manages to spread joy by doing it? Damn that’s big STYLE,” another added.

After the release of West Side Story, a clip resurfaced of the time when Cher made her own version of the film in which she played every single role. Yep.