Foul thug sends death threat to innocent child over mother’s support for trans kids

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The child of a school board member in Loudoun County, Virginia, has received a horrific death threat over their mother’s support of trans kids using bathrooms.

An anonymous letter addressed directly to the child of school board member Brenda Sheridan read: “It is too bad that your mama is an ugly communist whore.

“If she doesn’t quit or resign before the end of the year, we will kill her, but first, we will kill you!”

Sheridan was the chair of the Loudon county school board until last year, when an alleged sexual assault morphed into anti-trans misinformation and a hysteria that eventually forced her out of her position.

In May, 2021, a 14-year-old male student was accused of assaulting his female classmate in the girls’ toilets at Loudon county’s Stone Bridge High School.

Transphobic parents in Virginia began whipping up the narrative that her alleged assailant was transgender, and was able to commit the assault because of trans-inclusive bathroom policies.

However, the assault actually took place a month before the school board introduced a policy allowing trans kids to use the bathrooms that align with their gender identity, and there is no evidence to suggest that the accused student was trans.

Nevertheless, 2,000 people signed a petition to have Sheridan removed as chair, although she retained her seat on the board.

The message to her child is not the only death threat that Sheridan, her family and the board have received since then.

According to Reuters, in June, when the board approved its trans-inclusive bathroom policy, Sheridan received a message that read: “Brenda, I am going to gut you like the fat f**king pig you are when I find you.”

Reuters managed to contact some of those who left messages for Sheridan, who said she is afraid to leave the house alone.

One declared that “LGBTQ is an abomination”, while another “patriot” slammed “leftist scum” and “Antifa”.

Sadly, Sheridan’s inclusive stance is a rarity among the board’s members and even teachers at Loudon county schools.

Three teachers have sued the school district after they refused to follow school policy and use the “chosen name and gender pronouns” of trans pupils and were suspended as a result.

One teacher, who said using a student’s correct pronouns amounted to “abuse”, was later reinstated at the school.