THT invites supporters to hold their own Eurovision fundraiser

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Leading sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust is offering Eurovision party packs to encourage people to raise funds by holding a party in honour of the kitsch song contest.

The event will be broadcast live from Serbia on May 24th.

The THT party packs include Terry Wogan masks, national flag cocktail sticks and a CD of past Eurovision favourites, such as Bucks Fizz’s 1981 winner Making Your Mind Up and Sonia’s 1993 effort for the UK, Better The Devil You Know.

There is also a quiz and more ideas for throwing a fun party.

“If you’re planning on watching Eurovision, why not get some of your mates round and make a party of it?” said Simon Whiteman, Community Fundraising Manager at THT.

“You can raise money by charging for entry or charging people who want to take part in the quiz.

“The money raised will all go towards THT’s vital work supporting people living with or affected by HIV.

“Our party pack will make sure your night goes with a boom-bang-a-bang.”

Eurovision Party Pack to help plan your night please contact Simon on 020 7812 1668 or email [email protected]