Coronation Street: John kidnaps Rosie

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In the real world most people adopt the rule “once bitten twice shy” when it comes to revisiting failed relationships. However, in Weatherfield the reverse is normally true–look at Ken and Deirdre for goodness sake–which is why we find Fiz and John back together this week.

Understandably, Fiz is keen to keep their news quiet, but her plan is shot down in flames when John turns up at the factory with a huge bouquet of flowers for her. Needless to say, Fiz’s friends are livid that she’s back with him and give her a hard time. So much so, that John begins to think that he’ll lose her again unless they move away to his gran’s house in the country.

Unfortunately for John, when Fiz finds out about his plan to move away she flips her lid and refuses to talk to him. Later, when John goes to collect Rosie from town in his cab, he sees her flirting with a lad and is reminded of why things went so wrong for him and Fiz. When Rosie refuses to get in his cab he sees red and takes drastic action – forcibly bundling the young lass into the cab and locking the doors. What is he going to do next?

Meanwhile, Liam and Carla are proving that old habits die hard as they continue to flirt dangerously with each other. Temptation comes calling when Liam finds himself at a loose end as Maria’s out for the evening. He asks Carla to meet him to discuss the business. Of course that’s what you’re going to do Liam!

When they meet at the factory it becomes increasingly obvious to Carla that Liam still wants her and she can’t resist flirting with him and telling him that she will always be there for him. We think Maria might have something to say about that. Will Liam be able to resist or will he fall for Carla’s charms all over again?

Elsewhere, Becky and Jason are taking their relationship to the next level by looking for a new place together. However, their plans to feather a new love nest are brought up short when their first flat viewing leaves little to be desired. It seems that finding a new home is not going to be as easy as they thought.

Meanwhile, Dev gets nervous when Prem invites him over to dinner. He worries that Prem has found out about his dalliances with Nina. However, he breathes a sigh of relief when he realises the aim of the dinner is to introduce Dev to his beautiful daughter Tara. Later in the evening, Nina is spitting blood as she realises that Dev fancies Tara and she warns him off the idea in no uncertain terms! Will Dev stay away from Tara? Or risk Nina telling her husband what has been going on?

Elsewhere, scheming Harry continues to flirt with Liz behind Clarissa’s back. Lloyd finds that he’s in the money when both Harry and Clarissa pay him to spy on the other. But will they like what he discovers?
Coronation Street: John kidnaps Rosie