Coronation Street Spoilers: Tony confesses to murder

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Carla is suspicious of what Tony has been up to and goes on a campaign trail to find out if he was responsible for Jed Stone’s injuries, and Liam’s death. She visits Maria who re-iterates her claim that Tony paid a heavy to kill Liam – and it seems that at last Maria’s claims are being heard, particularly when Carla finds out that Jed has been rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack, and she believes it could be something to do with Tony.

Carla tells Leanne she doesn’t think she knows Tony any more and might need somewhere to stay if her thoughts turn out to be proven. Telling Tony a lie about a business meeting she goes after Jimmy – but he calls Tony straight after their meeting to report on what has happened. When Carla returns to the factory she won’t give up the questioning – and finally cracks and tells Tony how much she loved and still loves Liam, even though he is dead.

With nothing left to lose, Tony tells a stunned Carla that he was responsible for Liam’s death. At this point she starts to fear for her own safety and tries to figure out a way to escape. Salvation comes in the form of Vicki who arrives at the factory to tell them she is going back to Poland. Seizing the opportunity Carla opens the locked door despite Tony’s protestations. He is keen to get rid of Vicky and resume his conversation with Carla but she makes a last desperate bid for freedom – will she escape the murderer’s clutches or has she pushed him too far this time?

Len is gloating about David’s injuries but Anna reprimands him as she is worried about what is going to happen to Gary. David is pleased that Tina agreed to tell the police that Gary threw the first punch but Tina is already feeling uneasy about the lie, especially when Gail makes it clear how comforted she is that Tina witnessed everything. But Anna issues an impassioned plea to Gail asking her to get Tina to change her story so that Gary can escape a prison sentence. Gail however is unaware that Tina has lied about the fight and insists to Anna that she is doing the right thing giving evidence against Gary.

Janice is having her first lesson with Ken but she is not best pleased when he suggests that maybe she should set her sights a bit lower than five GCSEs and that she might be better thinking of a career as a care assistant rather than a nurse.

Steve and Lloyd have a heart to heart and realise that they can’t let a woman ruin their friendship – even if that woman is Steve’s mum. Liz is delighted that they are pals again but less than impressed when she discovers that Steve is taking Lloyd on a lad’s night out.

Eileen’s dad, Colin, is getting on like a house on fire with Rita and also seems to be impressing the other ladies on the street – much to Eileen’s annoyance. Meanwhile, Mary invites Norris on a cruise with her and her mother but he turns her down and refuses to believe Rita’s claims that Mary is falling for him.
Coronation Street Spoilers: Tony confesses to murder