Top legal website predicts gay marriage to be hot topic for 2009

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

FindLaw, the most-visited legal site on the web, today released its Top Ten Legal Predictions for 2009.

The list is a breakdown of what are expected to be next year’s legal hot topics.

In amongst the predictions is an expectation that gay marriage, civil partnership and the chaos caused by California’s Propostion 8 will continue well into the new year, with both conservative and liberal groups still impassioned about the issue.

FindLaw predicts that:

“California’s Proposition 8 controversy, which relates to the recognition of gay marriage, will continue to create ripples as it makes its way through the courts this year.

“The legalities surrounding other types of non-traditional families will become more prevalent as families who rely on non-traditional heads of household seek formal acknowledgement and benefits from employers and states.

“A related and popular family law issue is ‘common law’ marriage and the rights of those found to be legally bound by ‘common law’ marriage in those states that recognize it.”

The top ten list also includes green living, the internet, debt and military rights as areas that will continue to dominate 2009’s legal landscape.