Coronation Street Spoilers: Jed Comes back from the dead!

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Maria’s plight goes from bad to worse as she firstly tries to tell the police about Tony’s shock confession – only to be told she could be in serious trouble for harassment – and then she sees Tony in the street so tries to run him over. Unlike Liam’s fate, Tony’s luck is slightly better and he is injured but not seriously.

Continuing with his mind games Tony insists it was all an accident and then, to confuse Maria even more, he brings Jed Stone to the pub to meet her – firstly making sure he has hidden the marks on his neck from the attempted strangulation. Carla, however, is not convinced when Tony tells her he set Jed up in a new home after feeling bad about buying his old house – particularly when she later sees Tony frogmarching Jed to his car, and apparently threatening him.

She decides she wants some answers of her own so she pays Jed a visit in Wigan and takes him out for lunch. As she plies him with alcohol she quizzes him about Tony. When he takes off his scarf she notices the marks on his neck. When asks him if they have anything to do with Tony, his silence speaks volumes. Further investigations at Emily reveals even more. Will Tony’s crime be found out?

Ken arrives back from Portsmouth without Peter and explains to Leanne and Blanche that Peter had had to go into rehab. Leanne says she will stand by him and look after the bookies – with an unexpected ally in Blanche. Desperate to escape the problems at home, Ken takes Eccles for a long walk by the canal but when the dog falls in and Ken tries to rescue him he finds a good Samaritan in the form of the attractive Martha Fraser, who invites him to dry out in the warmth of her canal boat. Does Ken fall for her charms?

Antagonism between David and Gary continues and a fight breaks out after Gary taunts David with information he has found out form Jason, about his antics in the past. David throws the first punch but tries to get Tina to lie and say it was Gary who threw the first punch. As ever, mothers get involved so who will get to the truth?

Norris and Mary are delighted when they jointly win a motor home in a competition. Mary suggests that they get some use out of their prize and enjoy a few days away in Southport. They also decide to try and make some money by renting it out.

.Elsewhere Janice gets the shock of her life when she sneaks out of the hospital for a crafty fag with her new mate Mike. Janice is surprised when she gets a visit from Mike’s wife Laura. Laura thanks her for being such a good friend to Mike and being there when he died. Janice is moved by her words and tells Leanne that Mike’s death has made her think seriously about her own future.
Coronation Street Spoilers: Jed Comes back from the dead!