EastEnders Spoilers: Lauren has her day in court

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The court case against Lauren continues and Tanya admits lying to the police but Peter’s testimony and Stacey’s lack of appearance make things look bad. Max tries to bribe her but it doesn’t work – but Tanya’s appeal to do what her conscience tells her has an effect and she turns up to give evidence. Although Lauren is finally cleared of murder she is found guilty of GBH with intent – what does that mean for her future?

Things are getting bad for the Mitchells and Peggy asks for one too many favours of Phil. Does he buckle to her maternal power, or stand up for himself this time?

Meanwhile Janine is in a right old mess – firstly dealing with Archie who isn’t impressed with her manipulative ways and also having to face up to some local anger about her taking responsibility for her actions. Will she be strong enough to take the strong feelings building up against her?

Chelsea tries to impress Theo but things don’t go smoothly – and Libby finds out something that surprises her about the new man in her sister’s life. Turning investigator she discovers he doesn’t go to university and that he has lied. So who is his friend Tommy, and what does he want with Patrick?

Charlie’s romance looks doomed when Mo takes a picture of Brenda with another man – just as he was preparing to give her a present he made specially for her birthday. Who is the mystery man and what is he to Brenda? Does this mean that Charlie’s love life is doomed?
There is a misunderstanding between Todd and Ricky after an incident involving Whitney – where he was found without his top on in the kitchen. Will Ricky believe that he had only undressed because he thought he had a caterpillar on his shirt? It seems an unlikely story, until he talks to Tiffany…

EastEnders Spoilers: Lauren has her day in court