World Cup footballer ‘in gay affair’

A World Cup footballer is the subject of internet rumours that he had a year-long affair with a British reality TV star.

The player, who is in South Africa and is said to be “well-known”, was accused of the affair by the TV star on Friday in a blog.

The posting was swiftly removed but not before it was spotted by fans.

According to the Daily Star, the reality TV star revealed details of the alleged relationship, claiming he and the player met three times a week at budget hotels behind the player’s girlfriend’s back.

The author wrote that the footballer approached him in a club and asked for his phone number before they began a 12-month affair.

The alleged affair broke down due to the pressures of keeping it secret, the author said. He also claimed the player was abusive to him and sent him photos of himself having sex with women.

The television star wrote that he wanted to tell the “truth” because he was angry at being dumped.

There are no out gay British footballers and the only one to have ever come out, Justin Fashanu, killed himself in 1998.

Last year, PR guru Max Clifford told he was representing gay and bisexual footballers but had advised them to stay in the closet to avoid ruining their careers.

A Stonewall survey found fans believed homophobia was rife in the sport and in February, the Football Association cancelled the launch of an anti-homophobia campaign.