The Times names Nigel Farage ‘Briton of the Year’

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been named ‘Briton of the Year’ by the Times newspaper.

The accolade was given to Farage by the newspaper for his “game-changing” politics, stating that he “crushed” Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in TV debates.

Mapping the UKIP leader’s journey from 2010, the Times referred to Farage as the “man of the moment”, saying he had changed British politics “for good or for ill”.

Despite awarding him the accolade, the Times also admitted that the “most disliked party” in the UK in 2014 was UKIP.

“The established political parties have not been able to ignore Ukip, however, whatever they may think of its more toxic members,” the editorial read.

“No one did more to shape British politics in 2014. For good and ill [Nigel Farage] is therefore The Times Briton of the Year.”

The UKIP leader was condemned by several figures, after he said he would limit entry to the UK to: “People who do not have HIV, to be frank. That’s a good start. And people with a skill.”

Farage last week defended a former parliamentary candidate who referred to gay people as “fucking disgusting old poofters”, saying “a lot of people from that background” use such language.

The party’s Commonwealth spokesman  earlier this month compared Farage to Jesus in a video interview.