Same-sex weddings to start imminently in Miami-Dade, Florida

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One county in the US state of Florida is to allow same-sex couples to marry 10 hours ahead of the rest of the counties in the state.

A ruling by Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel means same-sex couples in Miami-Dade county can marry on Monday, just half a day ahead of the rest of the state.

Same-sex marriages were to begin from 2pm, and gay and lesbian couples married out of state will immediately have their marriages recognised there.

LGBT rights campaigners celebrated the 11am ruling by Zabel, some of who had waited for the chance to marry.

A second ruling, made in August by US District Judge Robert L Hinkle declared the state’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional.

Hinkle’s ruling was stayed until midnight tonight, 5 January, and will take effect after that as he has subsequently refused to extend the stay.