Nick Grimshaw says he ‘never felt the need to come out’

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The X Factor judge has spoken candidly about his sexuality and why he did not feel the need to come out.

Nick Grimshaw has opened up about his sexuality in a recent interview – saying he knew he was gay since childhood.

The Radio 1 DJ explained that due to his acceptance of his sexuality from such an early, he “never felt as an adult I even had to come out.”

Nick Grimshaw says he ‘never felt the need to come out’

He goes on to say that his lack of pretence around the subject made him feel that there was little need to discuss the matter publicly.

The 31-year-old told Radio Times that “you only feel like you’re coming out if you’ve been married, or pretended you were straight.”

“I never had any false thoughts in my brain. I didn’t have three kids and then go, ‘Guess what guys?’

“There were no bulletins to be delivered because it was all I ever knew.”

However, its clear that many may have needed more clarity on the issue.

Thousands of people apparently didn’t know that the DJ is gay, and have flocked to PinkNews nearly every night since the latest X Factor series began to find out ‘is Nick Grimshaw gay?’

While thousands tweeted, apparently unable to get an answer to the question, many were directed to this PinkNews article.

Despite the apparent pique of interest in the host, recent figures imply his new gig as an X Factor judge are failing to stop decreasing listener numbers on his show.

Nick Grimshaw says he ‘never felt the need to come out’

Grimmy’s BBC Radio One breakfast show has continued to drop listeners month-on-month throughout 2015.

The X Factor judge has also featured in a list of the most dangerous cyber celebrities.