Rose McGowan slams feminist writer Germaine Greer for ‘shaming’ #MeToo movement

Rose McGowan has hit out at Germaine Greer for recent comments about the #MeToo movement.

McGowan tweeted an extract from an interview Greer gave to the Radio Times in which the feminist writer claimed the #MeToo movement proves that “female victimisation sells.”

McGowan accused Greer of shaming the women who were brave enough to share their harrowing story of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

McGowan also tweeted that Greer was a “fail and a fraud.”

Germaine Greer speaks at The Age Book of the Year Awards on August 22, 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. (Kane Hibberd/Getty)

In the Radio Times interview, Greer said “The display of female victimhood in entertainment media is not the result of a conspiracy between wicked men to objectify, reify and sexualise women but a straightforward capitulation to market forces,” while pointing out that male victims “refrain from exhibiting themselves.”

Greer also said it was particularly disturbing that female victimisation sells primarily to women.

It is not the first time Greer has criticised the #MeToo movement.

In January 2018, Greer said she preferred women to react “immediately” to sexual harassment. 

“If you spread your legs because he said, ‘Be nice to me and I’ll give you a job in a movie,’ then I’m afraid that’s tantamount to consent, and it’s too late now to start whingeing about that,” she said in regards to allegations against Hollywood’s fallen titan Harvey Weinstein.

Talking about the “good old days,” Greer said women would outwit “leering” men and that she wished women would act against sexual harassment immediately.

Ashley Judd (Justin Sullivan/Getty)

Actress Ashley Judd, one of Weinstein’s alleged victims, has sued the media tycoon on the grounds that he damaged her career.

Judd claims that after she refused his sexual advances, Weinstein spread rumours about the actress.

Judd is now suing him for defamation and sexual harassment and for violating California’s broadly written Unfair Competition law. This particular law, which prohibits “unlawful, unfair and fraudulent business acts and practices” has never been applied to sexual harassment cases.

Director Peter Jackson is supporting the actress. He admitted in December 2017 that he had removed Judd from a casting list as a direct reaction to one of Weinstein’s smear campaigns.

The lawsuit states that, “No person — in whatever job, in whatever industry — should have to forfeit professional aspirations and the right to earn a living to the abusive whims of the powerful.”

Judd said in a statement that all financial recuperations would be donated to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, giving other victims of sexual harassment a chance to fight their harassers.