Rose McGowan defends calling Democrats ‘a deep cult’ on Fox News

Rose McGowan speaking on Fox News

Rose McGowan has defended herself after appearing on Fox News and comparing the Democrats to a “deep cult”.

In an explosive interview on Fox News’ Primetime, McGowan roasted the Democrats by claiming “they’re against changing the world for the better”.

“I am not here to make people feel bad about their political choices,” she said.

“But I am here to say that you might be in a cult too if you don’t know the signs.

“And I do believe Democrats, most especially, are in a deep cult that they really don’t know about and aren’t really aware of.”

Amid criticism for appearing on the right-wing network, McGowan addressed fan concerns in a two-part Twitter video.

“Tonight, [Fox News will] run with: ‘Rose McGowan says Democrats are in a cult,'” she said.

“But I also said Republicans were, too.

“If you lean deep into anything and refuse to hear anything else, and you’re serving a master that there’s no evidence is serving you, then maybe you’re in a cult.

She then trained her aim onto “both sides” of the media, which are “so f****d, both propagandists”.

“The fact that Fox News let someone like me on, as a humanist, that is trying to break s**t down and de-program people from cults they’re not aware they’re in, is pretty f*****g extraordinary.

“All I want to do is spread the message that we’re better than we have to be. So keep going, de-program yourself, fight, get the f**k out.”

McGowan said that she was a Democrat “basically from when I stepped foot in America”. However in 2020 McGowan described herself as a registered Republican.

What did Rose McGowan say on Fox News?

Rose McGowan began the Fox News interview by appearing to compare the Democrats to the “Children of God”, a Christian cult her father ran a chapter of in Florence, Italy.

Growing up in this environment, she said, allowed her “to see the control and propaganda on the left for what it is and how it harms people”.

The 47-year-old added: “I find the Democrats are really, pretty much almost against all the same things.

“They’re against changing the world for the better and they’re for keeping a system in place that is for so few people and benefits so few but they masquerade as the helpers.”

“My persecution and awakening from being a Democrat was so much about what I do and what I say now and so much about realizing how hardcore of a cult it is.”

She urged viewers to write down their beliefs and work out what they authentically align with and what has been “implanted […] by Hollywood, or the media, or your leaders”.

This isn’t the first time McGowan has made such claims. When Biden became the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in 2020, McGowan tweeted a photograph of herself crying – “I’m really sad,” she wrote, as she compared the party to a “cult”.

Her comments come as US president Joe Biden nears his 100th day in office, with a recent Pew Research Center poll finding that 59 per cent approve of the job he is doing.

Many such supporters were unimpressed by McGowan’s interview.