6 tips to consider when choosing a curling shampoo

You cannot get the perfect look without your shiny and gorgeous curls. That look begins with the right foundation, which is picking an ideal shampoo. With curly hair, finding the right shampoo can be a challenge. Curls are unique, and the patterns block natural oils from reaching the scalp. Therefore, your hair is prone to dryness and hair breakage. However, there is hope for curly hair if you find the right shampoo. So what should you look for in a curling hair shampoo? The following tips should help you control your curls and keep them healthy.

1. Avoid shampoos with sulphates

A significant ingredient in most shampoos is sodium lauryl sulphate. They form a lather, which we often equate to cleansing. However, sulphates are not all they are cracked up to be. The lather can be irritating for any hair type. However, if you have curls, sulphates are a big no. They will remove natural oils from your hair and give it a frizzy look. Therefore, you need to consider sulphate-free shampoo to keep your hair shiny and beautiful. Good news is many sulphate-free shampoos are hitting the market and are proving to be effective.

2. Stay away from shampoos with alcohol

As you already know, curly hair needs all the moisture it can get. Therefore, you should avoid shampoos with an alcoholic ingredient. While some types of alcohols can act as a conditioner for your hair, some will make your curls frizzy and dry. Alcohols mix with water during cleansing. They dissolve the oils for easy washing of hair. However, due to their lightweight, they evaporate rapidly leaving your hair dry. Its best to avoid alcohols altogether but some like cetyl alcohol makes your hair soft and manageable. When shopping for the shampoo, you need to be cautious about short-chain alcohols but keep fatty alcohols and benzyl.

3. Look for hydrating shampoos

Natural curls are highly susceptible to humidity. Being porous, they can absorb water from the surroundings and look frizzy. When in a dry environment, they lose water quickly, increasing the chances of hair breakage. So how do you control your curls and avoid the uneven texture? Naturally, curly hair is dry; that is because the coiling makes it hard for natural oils to moisturise each strand. Therefore, you need to retain as much water as possible during washing. Hydrating shampoos will help keep the moisture in your hair.

4. Natural ingredients

Your hair will have a shiny look if you switch to shampoos with natural ingredients. While cosmetic shampoos cleanse your hair thoroughly and maintain your curls, they can enrich your hair with natural oils. Shampoo with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and coconut oil, add vitamins and natural oils to your scalp. They help your hair retain moisture giving it a smooth texture. Natural ingredients also soothe your hair and provide a neutral PH to your hair.

5. Find shampoos with slip

People with curly hair need a shampoo with slip to make their hair manageable. If you have natural curls, then you probably have to deal with tangles, knots, and snarls often. Sometimes untangling the mess can cause hair breakage. That is why you need to find a slip shampoo to make your hair tangle-free and easy to run your fingers. A slip makes your curls lubricious, reducing the time you need to detangle your hair. It also saves you the amount of conditioner to use.

6. Check the protein level in the shampoo

Too much protein can make your hair dry and stiff. Therefore, to maintain the shiny look of your curls, you need to avoid products with proteins. It is quite hard to identify proteins in shampoos, but the most common one is wheat protein. You need to reduce this type of protein in your curls. They reduce moisture and make it hard to style your curls. There is no specific formula for reducing proteins apart from trial and error method.

A shampoo does more than cleanse your hair. Therefore, you should pick according to your hair type. Curling shampoo has amazing features to keep your hair healthy and your curls shiny. And the best part is that you can find shampoos without any scent.

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