5 skincare essentials to help you glow every season

BodyBlendz skincare products

Aussie-based skincare brand BodyBlendz is helping you glow in every season with its essential products.

If the elements affect your skin, whether its the cold winters or hot summers, BodyBlendz is here to help.

The skincare brand can help you make a few adjustments to your self-care routine now can help skyrocket your confidence all-year round.

And the good news is that eco-conscious skincare brand BodyBlendz has all your glow-up needs sorted with its heavenly range of multi-purpose products.

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What is BodyBlendz?

BodyBlendz is an Australian-owned skincare brand that puts sustainability front of mind. Each of its products are formulated with all-natural ingredients that are equally good for you and the environment.

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Its lotions, masks and other skincare saviours are vegan, cruelty-free and free from nasty stuff, such as petrochemicals, parabens, silicons and sulphates.

Below you can learn about BodyBlendz’s best tanning, moisturising and firming products to help you look and feel your best.

Face & Body Gradual Tanning Anti-Cellulite Lotion

Face & Body Gradual Tanning Anti-Cellulite Lotion from BodyBlendz.
Face & Body Gradual Tanning Anti-Cellulite Lotion from BodyBlendz.

Packed full of nourishing, natural ingredients like artichoke extract, shea butter and almond oil, the BodyBlendz Face & Body Gradual Tanning Anti-Cellulite Lotion is a powerful three-in-one product. Not only does it allow you to build a golden, even tan in minutes (without that tell-tale fake tan odour), it also tightens and hydrates your skin.

The formula contains BodyBlendz’s unique cellulite-fighting complex (featuring artichoke extract as its key ingredient, along with caffeine and sweet almond oil) to help firm and strengthen the skin, reducing the appearance of dimpling. 

Reviews for this innovative product have been glowing, with one user noting, “I’ve tried many anti-cellulite creams & have noticed minimal change. I used the gradual tanning & anti cellulite religiously everyday & I am loving the results.”

Another raved: “Hands down my favourite new product, my cellulite has improved dramatically. In 3 weeks, the colour it gives is very natural.”

BodyBlendz Face & Body Gradual Tanning Anti-Cellulite Lotion is available to buy here for $24.99.

Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion

Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion by BodyBlendz.
Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion by BodyBlendz.

Similar to its gradual tanning equivalent, the Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion focuses on minimising the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks anywhere on the body, whether that be on your thighs, bottom or neck. 

The inclusion of grapeseed oil makes this ideal for those with oily or acne-prone skin, while the sweet almond oil is a natural emollient for tackling skin sensitivities.

Sensitive skin users can attest to this: “Love the smell, my skin feels so soft and smooth, the cream doesn’t sit on top of your skin it rubs straight in. Plus I have very sensitive skin and this cream has not irritated me one bit,” one reviewer said.

This lotion is derived from a combination of shea butter, macadamia oil and pentavin (a 100 per cent naturally derived plant extract that protects against dehydration). This powerhouse trio ensures deep hydration for up to 72 hours, making this a great all-year-round essential. 

“This lotion has a lovely smell and absorbs really quickly and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated,” wrote another customer.

BodyBlendz Face & Body Anti-Cellulite Lotion is available to buy here for $24.99.

Booby Mask

Booby Mask by BodyBlendz.
Booby Mask by BodyBlendz.

This one-of-a-kind product contains signature ingredients, such as turmeric powder and Australian clay, to give your chest a brighter and more even-toned look within five to 10 minutes. 

To use it, simply take a small amount of product and massage it in an upward motion on damp or dry skin. Once your 10-minute period has passed, feel free to hop into the shower and rinse the clay mask off to reveal smooth and firmer skin.

The Booby Mask has earned a bunch of praise, with one customer writing: “These products smell amazing, they have helped with smoothing and hydrating my skin. My skin feels amazing and I would recommend to everyone!”

BodyBlendz Booby Mask is available here for $19.99.

Booty Mask

Booty Mask by BodyBlendz.
Booty Mask by BodyBlendz.

Yes, BodyBlendz even has a clay mask specifically for your butt. Featuring a creamy texture, the superstar ingredient here is Australian white clay which is known for its surprisingly hydrating properties.

It also features artichoke extract to aid the removal of decomposed fat, levan, a natural humectant that eases wrinkles and is great for firming the skin, and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe vera and caffeine.

The final ingredient is hyaluronic acid powder, a godsend for mature skin that boosts elasticity and smoothness.

Apply it just like the Booby Mask and use one to two times a week for maximum results. You can also pair it with the Booty Elixir to see more progress.

BodyBlendz Booty Mask is available to buy here for $29.99.

Recovery Face Serum

Recovery Face Serum by BodyBlendz.
Recovery Face Serum by BodyBlendz.

The final product to complete your transformation is BodyBlendz’s Recovery Face Serum

Over winter, it’s no secret that your face bears the brunt of icy winds, resulting in dry skin and chapped lips. This can diminish your skin lipids, ultimately breaking down the hydrating barrier on your face that prevents impurities and damage.

Through its patented L22 blend, this facial serum is designed to give your lipids an extra boost and restore balance and moisture.

It contains rosehip oil as a natural moisturiser (an oily/combination skin-approved ingredient), shea oil for a protective barrier, argan oil for antioxidants, vitamin C for lightening the appearance of scarring or blemishes, as well as olive squalene for reducing fine lines or wrinkles.

Essentially, it acts as magic in a bottle to tackle many skin concerns at once.

BodyBlendz Recovery Face Serum is available here for $29.99.

Ready to pamper yourself from head to toe? You can shop BodyBlendz’s full range of skin and body care products here.