Radio host compares gay people to Nazis in totally proportionate response to Hallmark Channel row

American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer is very upset

An evangelical radio host has hit out at the “gay gestapo” after Hallmark Channel reversed its ban on an ad featuring a lesbian wedding.

American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer lost it while raging about the TV channel’s climbdown, having briefly banned gay Zola ads on on Saturday before reversing the decision two days later.

Radio host is not OK about Hallmark Channel’s U-turn

Repeatedly alluding to the Nazis, Fischer said: “The gay gestapo, the bullies of the homosexual movement… and remember, their theme is ‘homosexuality uber alles,’ homosexuality trumps everything… they got a hold of Hallmark.

“They started getting in, getting after it, getting on Hallmark and they folded in about 48 hours. They completely collapsed.

“It took Hallmark 48 hours. They completely reversed. Now they are apologising all over themselves for supporting normative sexuality.  Another victory for the gay gestapo.”

One Million Moms, which had launched the original protest over the lesbian ads targeting Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott, is a front for the anti-LGBT American Family Association, which is Fischer’s employer.

On the broadcast, clipped by right-wing watch, Fischer alleged that Abbott had assured the group that the channel would never feature gay content again before the company’s climb-down.

In the snippet clipped by Right Wing Watch, he explained: “The CEO called us back, left voice messages for our president Tim Wildmon, and said, ‘we’re sorry, we’re sorry all over ourselves, we apologise, we’re never going to let it happen again.'”

Anti-LGBT evangelicals vow to boycott Hallmark (and everyone else)

After the climbdown, One Million Moms has officially added the channel to the extensive list of companies it is threatening to boycott – which includes PBS Target, Barnes & Nobele,, Kellog’s, Disney, Mattel, Netflix, Whole Foods, the American Library Association and Teen Vogue, in the past six months alone.

The group said: “It is the belief of 1MM that same-sex relationships are still extremely controversial and it should be left to parents to bring up the subject with children. It is clear that Hallmark is no longer family friendly, and parents will need to exercise caution before heading to the channel.

“Family entertainment is not the outlet in which to be politically correct by forcing tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality – a sinful lifestyle that Scripture clearly deems as wrong.”

Despite the group’s ties to Republican lawmakers, the American Family Association has promoted extremist views about LGBT+ people.

AFA radio host Bryan Fischer has previously blamed gay people for the Holocaust and claiming that freedom of religion only applies to Christians. He has also called for homosexuality to be re-criminalised.