Student at Catholic university tried to blackmail her gay teacher for a higher grade by threatening to out them

Catholic university

A professor at a Catholic university has told of how a failing student threatened to out them to their superiors if they didn’t give her a higher grade.

The unnamed teacher shared their experience on the ‘Anonymous Professor‘ Twitter account, which posts stories submitted by academics and faculty members.

“A student just came into my office to complain about their grade from last semester,” they began. “When I refused to just grant a higher mark, she dropped this: ‘So you’re Catholic and gay? I mean, does the president and D. (Chair) know?'”

When the teacher replied that their sexuality is private and is neither the student nor the Dean’s business, the student replied: “But you are living in sin.”

As they asked her to leave their office, she lashed out with: “YOU ARE A F**KING SICK SINNER!”

The professor reported the student’s actions to the Dean to find out whether the university’s student code of conduct makes threatening a professor an offence that directly leads to expulsion.

Although the anonymous teacher doesn’t say what actions were taken, the student was obviously chastened because the next words she said to them were: “I’m sorry for yelling at you, Dr (Name). Please know that I’m really OK with you being a homosexual.”

“Well golly, how do I frame this? I think ‘F**k you very much!’ pretty much expresses what I think,” the professor tweeted later.

It seems that some form of disciplinary measures were taken though, as the student did not re-enrol in the class the following semester, and the teacher was told to notify campus security if they see her on the Catholic university campus during the term.

“Jesus would approve,” the professor concluded.