Laurence Fox – the white man who thinks racism is ‘boring’ – is now deliberately misgendering a fictional trans woman

Laurence Fox

Actor Laurence Fox, a man few people had heard of until an ill-fated Question Time appearance, has continued his tirade against all things progressive by lashing out at a fictional trans woman on Twitter.

Fox sparked controversy on BBC’s Question Time last week when he tried to lecture a woman of colour about racism, kindly informing her that the racism she had witnessed was not in fact racism because Britain is “the most tolerant, lovely country in Europe”.

“Says a privileged white man,” replied the audience member, our new favourite person.

Rather than listen to minorities’ lived experiences of discrimination, Fox chose to double down on his comments. “It’s so easy to throw the card of racism at everybody, and it’s really starting to get boring now,” he said, before actually accusing the woman herself of being racist towards him.

Fox has continued in this vein as he appears to forge a campaign to become the new poster boy for the populist right. He’s rightly been dragged for his comments, but few people have done so as eloquently as Jarvis Dupont.

Jarvis Dupont is a parody Twitter account pretending to be a trans woman who wants to “ban reality”, and while we wouldn’t usually recommend reading anything they write, this one was quite satisfying.

“Laurence Fox is literally worse than a 50 ft Hitler made out of Donald Trump’s dried semen being dragged along the street by black orphan children with gender dysphoria who are denied hormone blockers and have no access to Hannah Gadsby’s latest Netflix special,” it read.

Last week Fox boasted that all the backlash he’s received has been “water off a duck’s back”, but for some reason a simple tweet evoking images of Donald Trump’s dried semen really struck a nerve.

“You motherf**king motherf**ker Jarvis. What do you know about anything?

“You aren’t even a real woman,” he added, the clapback emojis suggesting he thought he was revealing something really significant here.

Clearly loving the drama, Dupont continued goading him: “I ain’t takin no c**p from no privileged honky white boy y’na what am say’n?”

As people began chiming in to inform Fox that he had fallen into the exact same trap as the similarly anti-trans Ricky Gervais and was actually bickering with a satirical account, he desperately tried to regain the upper hand… but somehow just ends up sounding like a sulky teenage boy.