A bigoted protester said these are the people who will ‘burn in hellfire’, and we don’t know about you but it sounds kinda amazing

Bigoted protester said these are the people who will burn in hellfire

A bigoted protester who attempted to warn people they will “burn in hellfire” is being roasted online for accidentally listing all the ingredients for a really great party.

The helpful sign was carried by a member of the Key of David Christian Centre, a Pennsylvania-based church that preaches fervently against homosexuality.

In far from saint-like language, the pious protestor gave a long list of those who are supposedly awaited in hell, beginning with “fudge packers, penis lovers” and “feminists”.

Equally as damnable and destined for hellfire are the “drunks, sluts, lesbos, perverts, Catholics, loud women, masturbators and whoremongers”, of course.

He clearly tried to spark the fear of God in people, but only managed to spark hilarity as Twitter users proudly shared the number of sinful boxes they ticked.

As it happens, the humble Christian might want to check himself before he casts stones.

Alongside the many allegations of inflammatory and aggressive protesting, often drawing violence and police intervention, the Key of David Christian Centre has been plagued by accusations of fraud by its leader, pastor Aden Rusfeldt.

A report in the Philadelphia Inquirer notes that Rusfeldt, a former semi-professional snowboarder, was sued for millions of dollars by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in Texas for defrauding clients.

In a settlement he was barred from giving financial advice and ordered to pay $1.9 million. Later in 2018, the IRS filed an $800,000 lien against him to secure the payment of his taxes.

The “currency-trading fraudster” is now focused on his message of telling children that Santa is satanic and taunting women for the crime of menstruation. How very Christian.