Everything you need to know about creature collection MMO Temtem as it adds a brand new region


An update to popular multiplayer creature-collection adventure Temtem brings a whole new region to the game: Cipanku Island.

That means there are new Temtems for tamers to capture, plus the first Mythical Lair to explore.

But what even is a Temtem, we hear you cry? And can it one-up the Pokémon series? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Temtem?

Heavily inspired by Nintendo’s Pokémon series, Temtem is a creature-collecting MMO from Spanish developer Crema.

Exploring the Airborne Archipelago catching Temtem monsters to fill out your Tempedia, you’ll battle with them against other tamers and beat Dojo Leaders on your way to become the ultimate Temtem tamer.

If that all sounds familiar, then yes, it’s fair to say the Pokémon parallels are very apparent.

There are some key differences, however. Temtem is an MMO, which means you’re always online with other players visible around you. It makes the world feel far more alive than Nintendo’s series ever has.

It also makes multiplayer seamless, be it trading, competitive play or co-operative play.

Battles, meanwhile, all take place as duo teams – so 2vs2. You’ll not only need to take advantage of elemental types against your opponents, but consider the synergy between your own Temtems.

It’s that extra layer of strategy that ensures Temtem is a far trickier game and offers older fans of Pokémon a challenge they may be missing from Nintendo’s games.

What’s new in the update?

Cipanku Island is a brand new region in the Archipelago and is themed around digital monsters.

It’s the first island to house Digital Temtem – a rare breed created by humans in laboratories, with unique traits and techniques and a weakness to other digital monsters.

The update also adds Mythical Temtem. These creatures can only be caught in the brand new Lairs.

These are essentially randomly generated dungeons to play through in groups from three to five. Each player will have their own dungeon to explore, but resources are shared between the team. It means you’ll need to form a new team and manage your inventory afresh each playthrough.

Lastly, fast travel has now been added to the game. A specific quest in the city of Neoedo will provide access to a teleport system in exchange for a small fee.

Temtem is available on PC and PlayStation 5 in early access, with cross-play enabled between the two. Check out the PlayStation blog for more information on the update.

The game will also be coming to Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch this year.