Barnes & Noble displays ‘unproblematic wizarding books’ without a Harry Potter title in sight

The JK Rowling book has now been published - and it includes some extremely problematic elements

A Barnes & Noble bookshop in New York City’s Union Square has proudly put up an “unproblematic wizarding world” display, excluding you-know-who.

The display platformed other fantasy author’s, including Ursula Le Guin and Deborah Harkness, as JK Rowling continues to dig her heels in on trans rights.

One Twitter user said the display “brought them so much joy”, and another said: “Whoever did this, give them a raise and a warm kiss on the forehead.”

According to the Daily Mail, the Barnes & Noble shop verified the photo of the display, but declined to comment on it.

While Rowling’s supporters insisted that the sign was “slander” and that the Harry Potter author should “sue” Barnes & Noble, others were forced to point out that promoting other fantasy authors as “unproblematic” was not, in fact, a crime.

“Slander?” asked one person. “That’s a weird way to spell FACTS.”

However, some noticed that Barnes & Noble had slipped up in trying to create an inclusive and “unproblematic” wizarding book display.

Twitter users noticed that the book Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson had been placed front and centre, and that it didn’t quite fit the theme.

Sanderson is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, and has publicly expressed his religious views on homosexuality.

In online posts, he has said that same-sex couples should not have access to religious marriage, that gay Mormons must commit to lifelong celibacy, and that he believes “that engaging in homosexual acts is sinful”.

One Twitter user responded to the Barnes & Noble photo: “I will say, calling Brandon Sanderson ‘unproblematic’ is a little bold.”

Another pointed out: “Just saw a picture of a ‘the unproblematic wizarding world’ display at a bookstore with Brando Sando front and center and it’s like… I appreciate dissing the she-beast, but the homophobic Mormon isn’t really better.”