Flight attendant proposes to pilot girlfriend 35,000ft in the air. She proposed right back at her

Veronica Rojas and Alejandra Moncayo sit together on Pride in the Sky

A flight attendant proposed to her pilot girlfriend mid-flight – before she proposed back to her.

Veronica Rojas proposed to newly hired pilot Alejandra Moncayo over the PA system whilst travelling on Alaska Airline’s “Pride in the Sky” flight.

Being 35,000 feet in the air on a Pride-themed flight apparently makes for a great proposal, as Moncayo had also planned to pop the question.

Rojas works for Skywest, a partner of Alaska Airlines, and got in touch with the company to plan the special proposal.

“Of course, we were onboard and going to make this happen!” the airline company said. What both Rojas and the team didn’t know was that Moncayo was planning the same proposal.

After the newly-engaged couple disembarked, it was Moncayo’s turn to get down on one knee.

“It’s awesome, I feel very, very loved today,” Moncayo said.

Alejandra Rojas and Veronica Moncayo embrace, looking at an Alask Airlines Pride plane

Alejandra Rojas and Veronica Moncayo. (Alaska Airlines)

Of course, both Rojas and Moncayo said yes, celebrating their double proposal celebration at Los Angeles International Airport. The moment was also captured by Alaska Airlines and posted on their YouTube channel.

The two initially met in 2020 during a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Love was in the air at first sight, as Rojas said: “I was just like, ‘Oh, wow, this girl, she’s perfect.'”

The couple join the many queer couples who’ve found themselves both planning proposals.

In 2018 a lesbian couple went viral when they both got down on one knee while visiting Memphis Zoo.

The following year, a clip of two boyfriends racing to put rings on each other’s fingers also melted hearts online.

Even Tom Daley and his husband Dustin Lance Black have got in on the act, revealing that they both had rings ready to propose to the other in 2015.