G-A-Y owner Jeremy Joseph decides future of LGBTQ+ club chain

A person walks past the G-A-Y gay bar venue in London, England.

Jeremy Joseph has said he will announce his plans for the future of G-A-Y and Heaven after suggesting he could close them permanently.

On 12 June, Joseph temporarily shut down his G-A-Y clubs while he went on holiday, to “protect our mental health [and] to have a true break“.

While he said they would reopen a week later, he told Virgin Radio that he didn’t know what “the future holds at the moment” and said he might ‘close and sell up’.

Now it seems that he may have an idea of the chain’s future. On Wednesday (6 July) Joseph posted on Twitter saying that he had a plan in the works regarding G-A-Y.

“I wanted to get Pride out of the way before announcing anything, but as you are aware, I closed the venues a couple of weeks ago to decide what I wanted for my future of G-A-Y and Heaven,” he wrote.

“I think in my heart I know what I want and will announce soon, but first I want to discuss it with managers and key people rather than them seeing it on social media.

“I want to thank people who have been extremely supportive helping coming to this life decision and I think and hope people will be excited for what the future holds.”

“All Will Be RuVealed,” he added. “Can’t wait to say.”


Many read into Joseph’s use of “RuVealed”, with one asking: “RuPaul’s Drag Bar?”

There were calls for Joseph to pass the torch to “the next generation”, with one follower urging: “It would be great if you could give others the chance to build on what you’ve created and pass on your custodianship of these places to the next generation.”

One follower suggested whatever Joseph had planned could be an opportunity to address long-standing issues, asking: “Will the venue will be safer? That security will suddenly care about harassment both inside & outside the venue? That the space inside will be more inclusive to the WHOLE LGBTQIA+ spectrum? Will the ice machines get cleaned more often?”

One follower was keen for the clubs to remain open, writing: “G-A-Y Bar, Compton St was the first gay bar I visited as a 18 year old. Keep it open please for the nostalgia ❤️#G-A-Y.”

In 2021, Joseph announced he was giving away his G-A-Y Manchester venue to its manager.

The chain, which includes G-A-Y, G-A-Y Late and Heaven in London, suffered heavy losses during the pandemic.

Joseph said he found himself with more than £1 million in bills including rent, and saving accounts quickly ran dry.