Drag Race legend Heidi N Closet spills tea on challenge so bad it never made it to air

Heidi N Closet. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for VH1 "RuPaul's Drag Race")

Heidi N Closet has revealed that the reading challenge from season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race was cut because it was “so bad”.

The ‘reading challenge’ is a firm Drag Race staple, in which queens see who can most effectively and creatively insult their competitors.

The ‘soft and supple’ queen, who placed sixth in her season but took home the show’s coveted title of Miss Congeniality, took to Twitter to spill some behind-the-scenes tea on why fans never saw the library open, henny.

Referring to the expiration of her NDA – an airtight non-disclosure agreement that contestants sign to prevent them from giving away what happened on the show – Heidi wrote:

“Just realized I can say this. Season 12 did have a traditional reading challenge at top six. However the reading challenge was so bad we were told they couldn’t use it and got scraped lol #readingwasnotfundemental


Fans immediately gagged at Heidi’s statement, clamouring with more questions.

One asked: “Is that really the reason or was it scrapped because a certain someone won and they had to edit it out completely” along with some eyes and a skull emoji.

Miss N Closet replied that they were “actually the worst” and “gave everyone compliments”.

The “certain someone” is undoubtedly Sherry Pie, who was disqualified from the season after it had filmed over shocking claims she had catfished men into sending sexually explicit fetish videos.

Another fan asked Heidi what episode the challenge was cut from.

Heidi replied: “Makeover. I assume the winner would’ve picked which makeover girl we got but since there was no winner they made Jaida pick since she had just won the last challenge.”

The makeover challenge sees contestants give a ‘drag makeover’ to another person who is bought in as a guest. In season 12, the queens had to makeover Drag Race super-fans.

Jaida Essence Hall won the challenge, and while Heidi N Closet and Jackie Cox were in the bottom, Ru declared the lip-sync a ‘double shantay’ – meaning no-one went home.

Fans have been quick off the mark in replying to the tweet, with one hilariously posting the now infamous picture of Lea Michele alongside the caption: “Season 12 girls said” – the implication being that neither can read.

Fellow Drag Race alum Yuhua Hamasaki even joined in, asking Heidi to share her insults:

Heidi N Closet is widely rumoured to be appearing on All Stars 8; let’s hope she’s practiced reading by then.