The Last of Us’ Pedro Pascal shares adorable blooper video with Bella Ramsey: ‘Name a more iconic duo’

Pedro Pascal (L) and Bella Ramsey (R)

Pedro Pascal shared some epic behind-the-scenes snaps and footage from The Last of Us finale.

Pascal and Bella Ramsey signed off – for now – as Joel and Elie in the season one finale, which wasn’t exactly filled with laughs.

But if Pascal’s Instagram post is anything to go by, the same can’t be said for behind the scenes.

The actor shared photos from the season finale, as well as a blooper video.

In it, Joel and Ellie, having just escaped from the Fireflies in hospital, are standing on a hill, overlooking the safe haven of the Jackson ranch.

Pascal is attempting to deliver the show’s iconic “just keep going” monologue to Ramsey, before he flubs the lines and the pair burst out laughing.

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He also shared two pictures of ‘Beldro’ – Bella and Pedro – and one of Pascal touching fingers with series co-creator Craig Mazimn.

Captioning his post “Beldro on the Hill”, Pascal paid tribute to the entire Last of Us team.

“I would stay alive for any of you. Apocalypse level gratitude,” he wrote.

In the first picture, Pedro Pascal also tagged season one’s expansive cast, including Murray Bartlett, Nick Offerman, Merle Dandrige and original voice actors of Joel and Ellie (who both had cameos in the TV series) Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

Comments under the post have been flooded with appreciation for the pair’s characters.

“Who can name a more iconic duo than joel and ellie i’ll wait,” one fan wrote.

Another, more poignant comment read: “This show has broken my heart, healed it, then broken it again. The journey has been one that is incredible, and I am sad it ended for now. I cannot wait for the next part … thank you for bringing these characters to life for us.”

Pedro Pascal also shared a separate selection of photos, including pictures with Nico Parker (Sarah), Anna Torv (Tess) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie’s mum Anna).

What happened in The Last of Us‘s finale?

The Last of Us finale details Ellie and Joel’s final hurdle in their journey across America.

Having escorted Ellie to the hospital occupied by resistance group the Fireflies, Joel is informed that in order to use her immunity to develop a cure (for all of humanity, mind you), the doctors will have to perform a fatal operation, as Ellie’s cordyceps mutation that shields her from infection is wrapped around her brain.

The Last of Us finale leaves fans emotionally devastated and split in opinion. (Liane Hentscher/HBO)

Joel ever so slightly loses his entire mind, goes full Rambo and shoots up the hospital to save Ellie from the operating theatre.

One of the doctors that finds himself at the business end of Joel’s gun is later revealed to be the casualty that sets the entire chain of events of The Last of Us: Part Two in motion. This link contains mild spoilers as to what that event is.

Although Joel and Ellie both survive – even though Ellie has no idea why the operation did not go ahead – fans have been split down the middle at the show’s ending.

No official news has been released for season two, though Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will both reprise their roles.

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