Cameron invites gay community to vote Conservative

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The gay community should seriously consider supporting the Conservative Party, according to leader David Cameron.

Mr Cameron, leader of The Conservatives told ” We want the gay community to look at us and hear what we have to say so that they can decide if we look and sound like their kind of party.”

He added, “We are an open and inclusive party and we are passionate about acting to ensure that at every level, we are representative of modern Britain.”

“I want the Conservative Party to be an open and inclusive Party which speaks for everyone in Britain regardless of their race, background or sexuality and I am determined that we will act to ensure that at every level, we are representative of modern Britain.”

This statement echoes his vision of modern compassionate Conservatism which he spelt out earlier this week as part of a plan for general election success. He told party members, “The more we trust people, the stronger they and society become.”

“We’re all in this together, government, business, the voluntary sector, families and individuals. We have a shared responsibility for our shared future.”

Setting out the case for change, in a document titled “Built to Last,” he said: “We are a modern, compassionate Conservative Party, whose enduring values mean that we believe in trusting people, sharing responsibility, championing freedom, and supporting the institutions and culture we share as one nation”.

Party members are invited to debate and discuss the bill after which a final version will be put to a ballot of the entire membership.

Last month, Francis Maude, Conservative Chairman told that he regretted the party’s anti-gay policies in the 1980s.