Kenya snubs gay lobby bishop

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An Anglican bishop has been shafted while on a visit to Kenya over his views on homosexuality.

Reverend John Gladwin, Bishop of Chelmsford, had been visiting churches in the country with 20 clergymen, but was yesterday told that hospitality towards him had been “withdrawn” after a local paper claimed he was a member of a gay rights lobby.

Bishop Gladwin was reported to have been named as a patron for Changing Attitude, an Anglican group campaigning for lesbian, gay and bisexual equality.

He had previously said: “We did not come here to talk about homosexuality. Those issues will be dealt with elsewhere, but we are all united in the Lord.”

However the Archbishop of Kenya, Reverend Benjamin Nzimbi yesterday released a statement saying the Kenyan Church is “unable to continue with advancing the lined-up activities with the diocese of Chelmsford.”

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACF) is part of Global South, a group opposed to teaching about homosexuality.