Bournemouth triumph in gay football cup

England’s first gay football championship saw a Vicky Pollard impersonator being penalised by a referee and GFC Bournemouth go on to lift the cup.

The beat the Yorkshire Terriers 2 – 0 in the final played at Sutton Coldfield.

The Gay Footballers Supporters Network National League was formed in 2002 and this tournament saw eight teams taking part.

Michael Collins, from the International Gay and Lesbian FA, told the BBC:

“Gay people like football, they like playing it and it’s great for the West Midlands’ gay community.”

The Gay Football Supporters Network are better known for their list of footballers – and the tabloid response.

Last year they revealed that Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard had topped their 2006 “Lust List.”

The Star newspaper, never one to be intimidated by a slow news day, filled almost a page of their fine publication with this gay-related revelation, complete with a picture of Gerrard reclining on a sun lounger in a tight pair of shorts.

“Gerrard’s dream of bringing back the World Cup from Germany may have fallen flat this summer,” said the paper.

“But that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of fans across the country, who say he is the Premiership prize they most want to get their hands on.”

Reporting on the Lust List has become an annual event for the red-top tabloids.

In recent years we have been treated to headlines like “Match Of The Gay” and “Rear We Go.”