GaydarRadio announces best listening figures to date

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The award-winning digital station GaydarRadio have scored their highest listening figures to date.

The station announced that its audience had increased 45 per cent since 2008, and now reaches 488,470 listeners a week.

The figures, produced by Ipsos MORI and endorsed by RAJA limited, are taken from the period 18 May – 26 July 2010 and in addition to the weekly reach, show an increase in listeners per month – up 38 per cent from 2008 to 750,375.

Listeners are apparently tuning in for an average of ten hours per week, the majority of them – 79 per cent – via the internet, although DAB is an increasingly popular platform for listeners.

Head of station Robin Crowley said he was “delighted” with the figures, adding: “. . . our audience love our upfront music policy and no-nonsense broadcasting. Not only are they listening for longer, they are introducing their friends to GaydarRadio in droves.”

The station’s sales manager, Pippa Jackson said that with the launch of the GaydarRadio app, they would be ensuring their position “as a truly national radio station”.