Radio 1 breakfast DJ Nick Grimshaw loses nearly a million listeners in six months

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Gay Radio 1 breakfast DJ Nick Grimshaw has lost nearly a million listeners since taking over from Chris Moyles last year, Rajar audience figures show.

Grimshaw has seen his audience figures drop by 950,000 in six months.

Last September, the 28-year-old took over from Chris Moyles who on occasion, during his eight and a half year reign angered gay rights campaigners by some of his allegedly anti-gay jokes and questionable antics.

The Today programme on Radio 4 has since overtaken Grimshaw’s Breakfast Show by 1.2 million listeners since the beginning of 2013, with Chris Evans’ Radio 2 morning slot beating Grimshaw’s by more than 4 million.

Earlier this month, Grimshaw revealed he was initially rejected by Radio 1 for work experience and was told he was not right for the station.

Grimshaw, who is currently single, also said to the Sun newspaper he would love to have children one day.

“I’d like to have a big house with loads of kids in it.

“I reckon I’d like three, because any more than three you have to get a weird car don’t you?

“You have to get a van. And I don’t want a van.”