Welsh Secretary David Jones to vote against same-sex marriage

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Welsh Secretary David Jones will vote against equal marriage rights for gay couples in England and Wales but is refusing to explain why because of his position within government.

According to the BBC, Mr Jones, the MP for Clwyd West, has declined to give interviews on the subject because it “bears no relation to his role as secretary of state for Wales”.

His deputy at the Wales Office, Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb will also oppose the move.

A number of Conservative MPs in Wales have criticised David Cameron’s support for marriage equality in the past few days and weeks.

Monmouth MP David Davies is currently under fire for describing the proposals as “barking mind”, then for suggesting most parents would prefer their children “not to be gay”, and finally having concluded that none of the above comments could be seen as homophobic because he had previously taken part in a boxing match with a gay man.

Last month, Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire Glyn Davies said he was disappointed that the prime minister, deputy prime minister and chancellor have all pledged their support towards equal marriage.

Former Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan, David Jones’ predecessor, wrote to David Cameron and expressed her concerns over the government’s marriage reforms in a letter published in October.

Meanwhile, Culture Secretary Maria Miller says the government will outline its response to this year’s equal marriage consultation on Tuesday 11 December after being summoned to the Commons to answer an urgent question.