US: Trans student crowned homecoming king

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A North Carolina trans student has been crowned his high school’s homecoming king.

Last week we reported that Blake Brockington was nominated for homecoming king at East Mecklenburg High School, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On Friday, it was announced that he had beaten 13 other students and won the title, after raising over $2300 (£1400) for the charity Mothering Across Continents, which is working to build a school in South Sudan.

He is thought to be the first ever trans homecoming king in the US.

Brockington told QNotes: “This means a lot to me,

“For me this a dream that has finally been made, and for others this is an inspiration.

“I hope this makes everybody know that they can be themselves regardless of what anybody else says. You can do anything you set your mind to.”

He had a hard time with bullies at school after he transitioned.

He said: “It was pretty black and white; there was no grey area. It was either they were really supportive or really not supportive, and it’s still like that.”

His foster parent Donald Smith said: “Blake is definitely someone who perseveres.

“Somebody made a comment to me that Blake needs to pick his battles and my response was I support every battle he’s chosen so far. That’s really how I support him.”

Last September, Cassidy Campbell was crowned the first ever trans homecoming queen.