Survey: Two thirds of teachers ‘not ready’ to teach same-sex marriage

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Two-thirds of teachers say they are not adequately prepared to begin teaching about same-sex marriage, despite weddings starting this weekend.

According to a UK survey of teachers by the Teacher Support Network, 67 percent of staff in schools say they do not feel adequately prepared to teach same-sex marriage and LGBT related issues.

The charity, which was set up to provide wellbeing support for teachers, say the figures could prevent an open and tolerant environment for teachers and students.

The report also found that discrimination was rife, with 68 percent of respondents reporting having witnessed homophobic harrasment, and 48 percent saying they had personally been a victim.

Of those, 47 percent of those polled say they were harassed by their colleagues, while 68 percent say they discriminated against by their students.

A fifth of respondents admitted that discrimination had led them to consider leaving their current school, or quitting teaching altogether.

Julian Stanley, Chief Executive of the Teacher Support Network, said: “It is important that schools have appropriate policies and practical training in place so all teachers are able to offer support and teach LGBT issues.

“Creating a non-discriminative and supportive environment will enable staff facing discrimination to seek help, but more importantly that all staff, whatever their sexual orientation, are treated with respect.”