YouTube celebrates LGBT pride with new #ProudToPlay campaign

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

YouTube and Google have teamed up for America’s LGBT Pride Month with a new campaign focusing on sport.

In 2013, YouTube launched the #ProudToLove campaign to inspire LGBT people to come out and show their pride.

This year, the top two most trafficked websites in the world have joined forces to create a video entitled #ProudToPlay.

The video covers the importance of sports in the LGBT community and how out athletes can affect the LGBT rights movement.

Gay athletes and LGBT allies are featured in the video including Tom Daley, Jason Collins and Robbie Rogers.

The new campaign highlights the work of many organisations helping LGBT people in sport including You Can Play.

YouTube has added a rainbow soccer ball to their logo for their campaign, which will be present on every YouTube page for the remainder of the month.

Facebook has released a free range of LGBT-sticker emoticons for LGBT Pride Month.