Are bushes being grown in Brighton to hide a gay cruising spot?

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Brighton and Hove City Council have been accused of allowing bushes to grow tall at a cruising spot, to help hide sexual activity.

According to some local residents, foliage in the city’s Dukes Mound park – a cruising hotspot – has been allowed to grow out of control, to conceal men having sex from the public footpaths.

The Argus reports that a Cityparks worker said in an email: “We have been advised to let the bushes grow tall for obvious reasons and always err on the side of caution when pruning due to the sensitivity of the area.

“The thinking behind this is to keep the activities mentioned all in one place.”

Locals have complained about the state of the park, with complaints about poor levels of lighting facilitating sex and drug use.

Brighton resident Peter White said: “Are we going to wait until somebody overdoses on drugs in the area and dies?

“Or will we wait until an unsuspecting gay man is attacked, mugged, beaten or possibly even killed before we put lighting into the pathways and seal up the vacant buildings where rampant drug use and high-risk sexual activity is occurring.

“While cruising grounds are a somewhat accepted small part of our gay culture, there are plenty of other, much safer, ways for all of us to meet and engage in sexual activities via online apps, bars and venues and in the privacy, safety and sanitation of our homes.”

A spokesperson for the council said the area was cleaned daily and well lit, and that the bushes are regularly trimmed.