Andrew Scott: Pride is ‘not a gay film’

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Sherlock star Andrew Scott has claimed that Pride isn’t a “gay film”.

The British film, which is based on the true story of how a group of gay activists decided to raise money to support the families of striking miners in 1984, won the Queer Palm award at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

However, one of its leading men has claimed that it isn’t a film made for the gay community.

Out actor Andrew Scott, who plays Gethin in the film, told Huffington Post that it is actually about humanity.

He said: “It’s not a gay film, it’s about humanity.

“Everybody within the cast and crew responded to that feeling at the read through very passionately. They felt a huge ownership over that, whether they were men, women, gay or straight.

“Our personal stories haven’t got anything to do with what we want for society in general.

“People actually do feel that they’re the same as each other. I think the media like to break groups into demographics, but it’s just becoming very tiresome, this idea of us and them.

“People more or less have the same desire to be kind and compassionate towards each other, and I feel very strongly about that.”