DUP MPs launch petition supporting bakery that refused to bake ‘gay’ cake

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Three Democratic Unionist MPs have launched a petition in support of a bakery to be taken to court for refusing to make a ‘gay’ cake.

Asher’s Baking Company, a Christian-owned bakery in Northern Ireland, refused the request of a gay rights activist for a cake showing the message ‘Support Gay Marriage’, above an image of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie.

The Equality Commission has since stated that this act broke anti-discrimination laws.

DUP MPs William McCrea, Nigel Dodds and Sammy Wilson have now launched a joint petition to oppose the lawsuit.

It states: “We, the undersigned, express our concern at the use of public funds by the Equality Commission to pursue a prosecution against Ashers Bakery because of their refusal to promote gay marriage.

“We note that Ashers Bakery are not guilty of discrimination, they have not refused to sell their products to anybody on the basis of their sexual orientation nor have discriminated in any other way.”

Last week, McCrea said: “The arguments put forward by the Equality Commission in this case do not hold water.

“Having issued threatening letters before even seeking advice from a senior barrister, the commission has now widened the alleged discrimination beyond that which they initially claimed.

“The commission is very clearly out of step with public opinion. Two-thirds of people in GB surveyed were opposed to the legal action. I have no doubt this figure would be even higher within Northern Ireland.”

Earlier this month, he claimed the bakery should be protected against the “oppressive” Equality Commission.

McCrea was not the first to defend the bakery – former MP Ann Widdecombe is also supporting the owners of the Belfast bakery.