Nigel Farage might not like what UKIP’s founder has to say about him

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The founder of the UK Independence Party Alan Sked has claimed the party is now motivated by homophobia and racism.

Alan Sked – a professor at LSE – founded the party in 1993 from the Anti-Federalist League, and led it until 1997.

In a column in the Commentator, he claimed the modern party is trying to roll back the ‘sexual revolution’.

He said: “The rise of UKIP has resulted, not from any talent displayed by its leadership (leader, I should say, since it is a one-man band and it is run strictly on the Fϋhrerprinzip).

“It has no intellectual appeal and indeed abhors intellectuals.

“It is motivated largely by prejudices against foreigners, gays, and Muslims and is thoroughly reactionary.

“It would like to restore Britain to its position in the 1950s, when she was a global power, with considerable armed forces, before the advent of mass coloured immigration, membership of the EEC and the sexual revolution.

“It hardly bothers to talk about the EU any longer but concentrates on immigration, which is responsible for everything in its eyes from housing shortages, failing schools, to making Mr Farage late for meetings.

“In short it is a pretty unattractive creature.”

It is not the first time that Dr Sked has spoken out against the modern party, labelling it a “Frankenstein’s monster” and Mr Farage a “dimwitted racist” in May, after the European elections.