Student gives excellent answer when school asks ‘how should we punish gays?’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

When a school in Korea asked its students in a survey on how it should punish gay kids, one gave a strong answer which may surprise you.

In the survey, which appeared on Reddit Korea, students were asked what they thought about homosexuality, whether they thought there were any gay or lesbian students and which school year had the most gay students.

The survey was reportedly conducted in response to a rumour that there was a lesbian couple in one of the school years, and in an attempt to find out who.

It assured students that it would enable them to help create “a safe and healthy school environment.”

The final question asked: “What should the school do to punish gay students?”

One student responded, writing in Korean, said: “No action should be taken.

Being gay is a personal characteristic which this school should not interfere with. This survey, if it is meant to punish gay students, is ridiculous.

“Rather than attempting to ‘create a safe and healthy environment’, the school should work on its own issues.

“This survey should be thrown away as it is a primitive and incredibly discriminatory. It could not possibly be more paradoxical.”