UKIP candidate poses with Polish far-right leader

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A UKIP parliamentary candidate has been photographed with a far-right Polish leader described by Nigel Farage as “utterly reprehensible.”

The party’s PPC in Tooting, Przemek Skwirczynski, was photographed earlier this year with Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who leads the fringe Kongres Nowej Prawicy (Congress of the New Right) party.

Mr Korwin-Mikke has attracted notoriety for claiming women are too dumb to vote – while his party is strongly opposed to the recognition of same-sex marriage, and pledges to “recognize the family, understood as a union between a woman and a man, as the basis of social life”.

Even Nigel Farage has repeatedly condemned Mr Korwin-Mikke, calling him “utterly reprehensible” while relying on his party to rescue UKIP’s European Parliament grouping earlier this year.

Labour MP John Healey told the Mirror: “It is very worrying a UKIP politician is ­associating with a group pushing such vile views – and not for the first time. UKIP deliberately courts these far-right parties to secure more cash for its coffers.

“UKIP must explain why it has chosen a candidate who keeps this unsavoury company.”

Mr Skwirczynski declined to comment to the newspaper.

Mr Farage previously said he has never personally met Mr Korwin-Mikke – despite the far-right party helping UKIP rescue more than £1 million in European Parliament funding.